From early on, I've lived together with pets - First we had budgies, then a poodle and a Cocker Spaniel and later two Persian cats lived with us.

Meine Tochter Ornella mit ihren beiden Perserkatzen

When my daughter was young, we lived close to "Hagenbeks Tierpark". We possessed a season ticket and visited this well-known zoo almost every day.

2004 in a café in Hamburg I noticed a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the colour "Blenheim" and it happened to me. I fell in love - with this cute, friendly-looking kind of dog.

Immediately I searched the internet for Cavalier King Charles pages and stumbled over the website of Blue Magic's Cavalier. I found what I looked for: Beautiful Cavaliers, best breeds with perfect pedigree and cute little faces.

Now, I wanted one of them, too. But I had to wait for a while. In the meantime I read a few books about Cavaliers and time went by. In 2007 I was finally able to pick her up, my Samira, from Blue Magic's Cavaliers in Marienheide (North-Rhine-Westphalia). The successful breeders are Ulla and Dr. Hartmut Nüske.

Samira has enriched our life from the very beginning and makes everyone happy.

It is a pleasure to see how the dog rumps around with little children and how the children always try to play with her.  She is also curious of getting to know new people and other animals. It seems to be a delight for her to for example watch calves playing on the meadow - and would probably love to play with them as well.

Even elderly people find a lot of interest in her. I am working in an old folk's home and Samira is even there always with me, so has much contact with elderly and old people. She's always kind and friendly and it's amazing to see how even demented people get "alive" and love playing and patting the Cavalier King Charles everyone gets along with.

Ornella and Samira- A heart and soul ...
Thanks for the nice photo to Zuzana Kristufkova.